There is a range of accessories to go with woks. They are no means essentials, but are great to make cooking with woks easier:

Lids: Some woks are sold already with matching lids, however, if not, you should get one. Close fitting, dome shaped cover is a useful addition to your wok, especially for steaming, braising as well as frying.

Product Features
14″ Aluminum Wok Lid
14 x 14 x 6.5 inches
Stay cool Phenolic knob
Handy kitchen addition

Cover every type of wok, measuring 31/2″ in depth with wooden handle. Also available for 12″ woks, 14″ woks, and 16″ woks. (Lid sizes are at least 1″ smaller then the wok size). Made in USA.

Stand: This is a particularly useful accessory. It provides a secure base for the wok when it’s used for steaming. They are usually made of metal, either a simple open sided frame or a solid metal ring with holes around the sides.

Secure base for steaming

Secure base for steaming

Trivet: This is used for steaming to support the plate that is placed above the water level. It is either made of wood or metal.

Place above the water level for steaming

Pre Seasoned and Ready to Use

Wire Mesh Strainer: Long handled slotted spoon, often with a wooden handle, makes adding and lifting cooked food from steam and hot oil easier. It protects your hand from intense heat.

Spider-style skimmer for lifting dumplings and wontons; 5-inch diameter. Crafted from durable stainless-steel with efficient woven design. Heat-resistant, bamboo handle keeps hands away from heat. Design drains liquids quickly for better cooking results. Safe in the dishwasher; 7-inch version also available.

Product Features:
7″ bowl diameter
Earth-friendly bamboo handles stay cool to the touch
Dishwasher safe
Stainless steel bowl won’t rust
Perfect for scooping foods out of hot oil, boiling water, or broth

Product Features
6″ diameter
Drains excess oil

Eliminates stovetop splattering
Three convenient sizes to fit all pans
Drains excess oil

Chopsticks: They are usually eating utensils, but also used for stirring and cooking. Only bamboo or wooden chopsticks are used for cooking in oriental kitchens.

Product Features:
Only food-safe, formaldehyde-free glue is used in assembly. No dyes or stains are used — color is permanent and will not fade or wash out. Made with premium, hand selected bamboo — variety chosen is neither a food source nor a habitat for the Giant Panda.

Product Features
Made out of Real Bamboo, Bamboo is a renewable resource, making this an environmentally sound choice.
Bamboo is 16% harder and more durable than maple.
High Quality
Made in Taiwan

Wooden Spoons: They great for stir frying and cooking in high heat.

Product Features:
Three wooden spoons and three wooden spatula’s in mesh bag. Made of bamboo wood – A renewable resource; Harder than maple. Natural Color – Not a stain.
Easy to wash, mild soap and water; Dry thoroughly. Coordinates with other Lipper International bamboo collection accessories.

Product Features:
Contains Items: B2, B3, B10, B11, B13, B18. Bamboo is a renewable resource, making this an environmentally sound choice.
Durable, heat and stain resistant. Safe to use on non-stick surfaces. Light weight and strong. Hand finished with top grade natural, food safe mineral oil.



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