Another essential tool for Vietnamese kitchen is the mandolin slicer or also spelled as mandoline slicer, a handy kitchen tool for cutting vegetables, fruit to thin and uniform slices that you can’t produce with a knife. This is a handy tool especially for Vietnamese salad, gỏi, with moundful ingredients sliced in a matchstick size.

The mandoline also makes easy & creative work of your potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, citrus fruit, kiwis & more. Whether for your party trays or just to make your family feel special tonight, the mandoline slicer makes your kitchen tasks easier & more enjoyable, producing mounds of colorful eye appealing and nutritious vegetable shapes in short order.

What are the best mandoline slicers out there? Take a look below:


Best mandoline overall.
Easy to adjust.
Choice of three sizes.
Easy to use and clean.
Extremely sharp blades.

Professional mandoline slicer. Makes slices, julienne, crinkle and waffle cuts.
Comes with instructional DVD.
Cons: Expensive, Heavy.

Budget mandoline slicer.
Value, Easily adjust thickness by a simple turn of the dial.
Adjusts to .5 mm 1.3mm, 2mm, and 3mm.
Ceramic blade holds its edge longer than metal.
Cuts in four different widths.

Designed for use over a cutting surface or bowl 6 slicing tasks from 3 double-sided cutting plates: thick, thin, super thin, thick julienne, thin julienne and super thin julienne.
Cutting plates conveniently store underneath unit when not in use.
Comfort grip handle, finger guard.

The mandoline slicer has become popular among non-professional and casual cooks, not just restaurant chefs, and is a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life. Get one today if you haven’t yet owned one. Get one for your mom, your sister, your aunt as well. They will sure appreciate it.

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