In Vietnamese kitchen, we prefer to cook meals from fresh ingredients. A cleaver is well suited for its ease to use. In contrast to other kitchen knives, a cleaver has an especially tough edge, replies on its weight to cut efficiently. It serves many purposes, from chopping up bones, hard shell seafood such as crabs or lobsters to precision cutting, such as mincing meat, and crushing garlic. It is also a superb tool for slicing vegetables thinly.

A cleaver is a large knife that varies in its shape but usually resembles a rectangular bladed hatchet. It is an all purpose cutting tool, available in varous weights and sizes. No Vietnamese cook would be without one. It must be kept very sharp.

Below are some you can get for your kitchen:


Product Features:
A cleaver is a must-have tool for the serious home chef.
Full tang.
Blade measures 8 inches long, 3 inches high.
Heavy duty construction.
Also is Great For Halloween Haunted Houses.

Product Features:
Heavy 6-inch cleaver for chopping through joints and bones. Made of stain-resistant carbon steel that’s hot drop forged for durability. Triple riveted handle surrounds a full tang. Hole in top corner so for hanging on a hook or peg. Handwash with mild cleanser; lifetime warranty; Made in Spain.

Product Features
Full tang extends the length of the knife, adding balance and strength
Triple-riveted, ergonomic handle ensures comfort and control
Satin-finish, stainless steel blade provides precise cutting, peeling and slicing
Metal end cap displays the JA Henckels International logo

Product Features:
Japanese-style cook’s cleaver. Specialized for their dexterity in chopping, dicing and slicing a variety of foods. Traditional Japanese style handles are made of heat and water resistant resin. Japanese steel tang extends through the entire handle and fits smoothly in your hand.
Holds an incredibly sharp edge.

Product Features
Blade measures 7 inches/18cm
Handle measures 5.5 inches/14cm
Hand washing recommended
Never put cutlery in the dishwasher

Product Features: 6-inch heavy-duty cleaver chops through bones and joints, crushes spices. High-carbon no-stain steel. Ice-hardened, laser-controlled edge. Hand washing recommended. Lifetime limited warranty.



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