Hot pot, is also called fire pot, fondue, steamboat, or lẩu in Vietnamese, referring to several east Asian varieties of stew. It consists a metal pot of stock simmering in a savory broth, ladden with spices at the center of the dining table. Hot pot dishes include leafy vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, thinly sliced meat and meatballs. While the hot pot is simmering, diners are huddling together around the table, picking the ingredients they want to eat, dropping them in the pot to be cooked, and grabbing them out of the hot pot while enjoying the conversation.

While a fondue pot most likely would work for most ingredients, it’s ideal to use an electric hot plate or a portable gas burner to be able to boil the broth in the middle of the table; able to cook ingredients such as meatballs, sliced meat and seafood that requires the broth to be boiling. If you don’t own one, here’re some of my recommendations:


Variable temperature control.
Powerful heating unit.
Great for table top cooking.
Stainless steel cooking pan.

Quick-release removable base is dishwasher-safe.
Heavy glass lid with steam vent and stainless-steel rim.
14 heat settings plus a high sear option.

Heavy stainless steel, great for table top cooking. 10 inches tall, 8 1/2 inches across. Fueled by liquid or gel sterno, found in hardware or camping stores.

4.2L large capacity.
Removable inner pot and BBQ grill.
Two switches control for BBQ plate and steam pot.

Adjustable temperature control.
Heat up quickly & evenly.
Cleaner and safer to use than gas stove.
Separate compartment for easy cleaning and storage.
Stainless steel 28cm pot with transparent glass cover.

Easy operation.
Automatically controls the temperature level.
See through tempered glass lid.
Adjustable temperature.
Come with two pot, with & without the cone in the middle

Hot pot is a great equipment to own in a Vietnamese family, and it’s a fun way for any friend and family gathering. While waiting for your food to cook, enjoy your favorite beverage, chat with your friends, or family members, and enjoy the savory steam wafting from the delicious, flavorful pot. Lẩu, warming your belly and your heart, it’s truly a pleasure way to dine.

Get one now and start enjoying a quality time with people you love, gathering around a wonderful, tasty pot of Lẩu. If you already have one, get another one for a bigger gathering. Your guests will sure love it.

Happy Family! 


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