Summer is almost here, the best piece of kitchen equipment to own right now is probably a grill in your backyard for grilling or BBQ’ing, then a party can be on at anytime. Out of many brands out there that manufacture grills, Weber probably has the highest ranking. For over 30 years, Weber has introduced the ground breaking Genesis gas grill that uses an ingenious system of metal bars angled to the perfect pitch to distribute heat and channel drippings away from the food. That meant fewer flare ups and easier to cleanup. Pure perfection.

Simply put, Weber is the top brand for the grills if you’re looking for a new grill to buy. Their grills range from gas, charcoal, eletric, portable and they put out plenty of heat, are easy to operate, solid build, beautifully design and have all the versatility you want. I’ve owned a Weber Genesis E-330 and enjoyed it very much for couple years since I’ve bought it. They come with or without side burners, either way, Weber is best line of grills for your money and BBQ experts would agree with me so. They usually come in black or silver stainless steel.

Let take a look at some of their models:

1. Weber Genesis:
Meet the versatile Genesis® Series gas grills. These three burner grills fit perfectly in the backyard of any and all gas grill lovers. This is ranked as #1 gas grill out there. You can’t be wrong with this. Available in black and silver.

2. Weber Summit: The top-of-the-line Summit® gas grill embraces true grilling luxury with the highest quality materials, exclusive features, and stunning looks. Comes with 4 stainless steel burners with individual ignitions, and 12,000-Btu flush-mount side burner.

3. Weber Spirit:
Their entry-level Spirit® grills are shining examples of Weber quality. They’re wonderfully affordable and ideal for new grillers.

4. Weber Charcoal:
For all the charcoal grill lovers out there, you’ve just hit the mother lode. Check out their wide selection of charcoal-fueled options.

5. Weber Gas Portable: Camping, tailgate parties and picnics will never be the same. Now you can bring the Weber quality you love anywhere you go.

6. Weber Q 300:
These impressing standing grills take unique looks, spacious cooking space and high quality to a whole new level.

7. Weber Charcoal Portable:
Grill up all your favorites on the go with the unbeatable range of multitalented, portable charcoal grills.

8. Weber Smoker: When low and slow is the way you want to go, their two excellent smokers will get the job done right every time. Choose from big…and bigger.

9. Weber Eletric:
City grillers finally have a Weber® grill to call their own. This right-sized outdoor electric grill proves you don’t need gas or charcoal to deliver true barbecue flavor. The heat has officially been brought.

10. Weber Fireplace: Once you light this comforting Weber® Fireplace, your new “hot spot” will be a perfect gathering place for friends, family and fun. The Weber 2726 wood burning fireplace has a 29-1/2-Inch diameter base.

Ready for some fun? Come and get it! 


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