Deep fryers are becoming increasingly popular in homes, recommended by celebrity chefs and homemakers, and showing up with regularity on wedding registry lists. They offer a safe, accurate, fast, and customizable alternative to working with hot oils in a pan. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to clean and help the environment by reusing cooking oil.

Here are some of the best deep fryers for home use and their rankings. The rankings are based on following criteria:
• ease of cleaning up
• ease of use
• size
• temperature control


Product Features: 12-cup professional-style deep fryer with 2 oblong-shaped baskets. 1800-watt immersion element for quick preheating and fast oil recovery time. Adjustable thermostat; oil-ready indicator light; cover acts as a spatter shield. Heating element and enameled pot remove easily for quick cleanup. Measures 16 by 15 by 11 inches; 1-year limited warranty. Easy to use, and easy to clean.

Product Features:
Makes four servings with just four cups of oil. Maintains perfect frying temperature automatically. Snap-on lid allows oil to be stored for use again and again. Handy lift-and-drain scoop is better than messy baskets. 7.375×8.125×8.375 weight 3.02. Smaller size for someone not needing to fry enormous amounts at one time. Easy to use, and easy to clean. This one has a high rating.

Product Features:
1700-watt deep fryer can hold 3-2/7 liters of oil and 2-2/3 pounds of food. Adjustable thermostat; temperature-ready light; external basket handle. Automatically drains and filters oil into integrated oil container for future use. Sealed locking lid; viewing window; permanent odor filter; dishwasher-safe parts. Measures 19 by 13 by 16 inches; It offers an extra-large fresh-food capacity.

Product Features: Stainless-steel deep fryer with 1-2/7-pound food capacity. 1500-watt immersion-style heating element for fast results 2-quart oil container; adjustable heat; “power” and “ready” indicators. Heavy mesh frying basket; stay-cool handles; dishwasher-safe parts. Measures 14 by 10-1/5 by 11-4/5 inches. Compact and efficient to fry up restaurant style foods at home. Easy to operate and easy to clean.

Product Features:
9-cup-capacity deep fryer with oblong-shaped basket. 1800-watt immersion element for quick preheating and fast recovery. Digital control and display; adjustable thermostat; 30-minute timer. LED signal light; cover with filter; removable heating element and pot. Measures 21-1/2 by 10-3/4 by 11-7/8 inches. 1-year limited warranty. Professional style deep fryer at home size.

Product Features: 1700-watt deep fryer with 3-2/7-liter oil capacity and 2-2/3-pound food capacity. Adjustable thermostat; removable stainless-steel pot; extra-large frying basket. External basket control for splatter-free frying; oil filtration and drainage system. Permanent filter; cool-touch handles; digital timer; dishwasher-safe parts. Measures 18 by 12 by 14 inches; 1-year limited warranty.



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