With over 800 recipes from 16 countries, The Complete Asian Cookbook is the perfect introduction to the food of Asia. Charmaine Solomon has tried and tested every recipe, ensuring that they are simple to prepare and that every ingredient and every preparation step are explained in easy-to-follow terms. This classic cookbook, in print for 30 years, ventures into culinary areas that are often overlooked from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea; as well as excitingly different dishes from the lands of Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Fresh Spring Rolls, Glass Noodle Soup, Papaya Salad, Clay Pot Vegetables, Lemongrass Dry Noodles, enjoy many of your favorite Vietnamese dishes now with a vegetarian twist. Renown Asian culinary expert Chat Mingkwan presents time-honored favorites using completely plant-based ingredients with delicious choices, whether an ensemble for a multi-course meal or an extravagant dish with a host of accompaniments. Introducing soy-based alternatives instead of meat, this is a nutritious fare even better for you and the planet.

Now busy home cooks can bring the fantastic flavors of Thai cuisine into the kitchen with a simple trip to the grocery store. Nancie McDermott, experienced cook, teacher, and author of the best-selling cookbook Real Thai, presents this collection of 70 delicious recipes that focus on easy-to-find ingredients and quick cooking methods to whip up traditional Thai with recipes like Crying Tiger Grilled Beef, Grilled Shrimp and Scallops with Lemongrass, Sticky Rice with Mangoes, and Thai Iced Tea.

The Mekong region, which extends south from China through Laos and Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, offers extraordinary food. Hot Sour Salty Sweet, which takes its name from the principal taste sensations of the region’s cooking, provides an unparalleled culinary journey through this fertile land. Though the book contains a wealth of anecdotal material, its great strength lies in its 175 recipes, explicit formulas, authentic yet approachable collection that is truly exciting; readers will be delighted.

For those who dream about the great foods you will eat as you travel around the world, Tom Kime documents his personal voyage of culinary discovery in this continent-by-continent cookbook that shows you how to prepare at home the food, the traditions and techniques of true locals. The names of the dishes themselves awaken the senses and are slightly poetic. If you have a good sense of flavor imagination, this book is enough to drive you mad.

Café Vietnam is a gentle, slim treasure trove of recipes that will take the reader to the heart of Vietnamese cooking. It’s like getting to know another culture by discovering which flavors a culture finds most familiar and comforting. Let Annabel Jackson be your guide. But read these recipes carefully; they seem short and simple, but you really need to know where you are stepping ahead of time. This cookbook offers 75 recipes with color photos.

This cookbook sampler is unique-unlike many of the e-books sold today that are copies of copies that have been hastily put together with no thought, care or editing. It offers 20 of the Best of the Best and most delicious Vietnamese recipes like (Green Papaya Salad (Goi Du Du), Lime-Cured Beef Salad (Goi Bo), Pork Simmered with Five Spice Powder (Thit Thung) & Much More…) from the Chef’s Secret Vault. Your friends and family will think you’ve been taking lessons in gourmet cooking.

If you’re looking for a first introduction to Vietnamese cooking, this is it. This book is one of a series “easy menu ethnic cookbooks” published by Lerner Publications Company. It introduces Vietnamese cooking and features some well-known Vietnamese recipes such as spring rolls, Vietnamese fried rice, and my favorite, Bun bo xao (Vietnamese noodle bowl with beef). In addition, the cookbook includes information on the land, history, and holidays of the country. Good simple, easy to use!



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