Fried Shrimp Balls are my most favorite dim sum food. When we go to a dim sum restaurant, I always make sure to order 2-3 orders of shrimp balls for myself. I can miss other dim sum dishes, but this one is a can not miss for me. Hot and crispy, with a dip of [...]


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Dipping Peanut Sauce can be used for Fresh Spring Rolls, this is also a great robust sauce for dipping chicken and fish. There are many variations of this sauce out there, my favorite flavor is to have some coconut milk added to it. Recipe for Dipping Peanut Sauce – Sốt Đậu Phụng 1/3 cup creamy [...]


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Vietnamese love fresh herbs. At the Vietnamese table, you see a plate of raw fresh herbs accompanying to foods, a custom that distinguishes Vietnamese cuisine from its Asian neighbors. Whole sprigs are arranged on platters along with soft lettuce leaves, cucumber slices, and other garnishes. You help yourself, tearing off individual leaves from the stems [...]


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Lena on January 7th, 2011

In Vietnamese, there can be different regional names for the same ingredient. This is particularly challenging for anyone who is new to the cuisine and does not understand the regional languages well. Even Vietnamese people regularly get confused by the names as well. For ease, I’ve included terms for the ingredients that we frequently reach [...]


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Lena on January 3rd, 2011

White rice is an anchor for daily meals in Vietnam. It is either used a satisfying, starchy filler or to balance meat and vegetable dishes. In poorer regions of Vietnam, rice is eaten in sizeable amounts with salty dishes in order to compsensate the lack of food. However, it can be used for special dishes [...]


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